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Tourist information

Town Bar is on the very south of Montenegro. With its 270 sunny hours per year it belongs to sunniest places in Europe, which helped development of tourism. There is in fact no real winter in Bar, so besides during summer, Bar can be recommended for winter vacation. Greatest part of Bar s shore is steep and stony, with steep rocks and basins. Most of some twenty beaches are remote from the town center but numerous taxi boats will quickly transfer you to the desired beach.

Bar offers over 30000 beds in private (Bar apartments, rooms, pansions) and hotel accommodations. In Bar, there is also great number of, mostly private, luxuriously equipped hotels that in their offer have saunas, gyms, beauty saloons, parking garages, playgrounds and terrains for fun.

Main sights

  • Triconch Church - the oldest Christian building in this part of Europe, dating from the 6th century, whose ruins are situated in the heart of the settlement.
  • Partly preserved citadel of Nehaj.
  • The ruins of Our Lady of Ratac abbey which belonged to the Benedictine order, constructed in 9th century.
  • King Nikola’s palace constructed in th 19th century by the seaside.
  • The "Old Olive of Mirovica" is among the oldest olive trees worldwide, more than 2000 years old.
  • St. Roch Church: The leftovers of St. Roch’s Church are situated close to Sutomore.
  • Ribnjak Abbey is situated in the settlement of Zupci.

Besides being Montenegro's main harbour, Bar and its countryside are as well a famous tourist place. Today's Bar is a contemporary town, developed practically completely after World War II, with contemporary constructions, wide avenues and plenty of car parking space. Even though there are some good cobble beaches in Bar itself, lots of travelers choose places in other villages in Bar district, for instance Sutomore, with its attractive long sandy beach. The entire area around Bar is predominantly unspoiled nature, and is abundant in greenery. The Bar area also spans to the southern coast of Skadar lake and encircles Krajina area. This entire region is appropriate for entertainment, adventures and treking. Smaller villages near Bar, like Dobra Voda, Canj and Sutomore, are preferred spot for sunbathing, as they incorporate nice sandy beaches. Bar as well has some really attractive beaches on the Skadar Lake, such as the beach in Murici, which is the most attractive and largest on the lake.

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Beaches in Bar

  • Bar has more than 40 kilometres of coastline, featuring more than 20 beaches ranging over 9 kilometres. As soon as you enter the region of the Bar municipality from the direction of Petrovac, you reach Canj, which has a 1000 metre-long amazing sandy beach.
  • You can take a boat trip from Canj to the Queen’s Beach, which can only be reached by sea. It is a true pearl of the Bar Riviera surrounded by a natural wall of sedimentary rocks.
  • Going from Canj in the direction of Sutomore, you come across the 300 metre-long Maljevik Beach, providing a natural refuge from the hot summer sun in its dense and fragrant pine forest.
  • Near the legendary ancient abbey complex of Ratac there is the Red Beach named after the colour of its fine sand. The beach is bordered by a pine forest and situated roughly a hundred metres from the main road to Bar.
  • Just before you enter Bar town centre there is the 1,200 metre-long Zukotrlica Beach. It is a gravel beach, bordered by a dense pine forest and diverse Mediterranean greenery.
  • For those in search of fun-filled beaches providing clubs and beach bars, Sutomore is the beach of choice. This attractive beach is 1,200 metres long and feature beach soccer and beach volleyball tournaments all over the summer.
  • The Town Beach is situated in front of the fortress of King Nikola and expands over 750 metres. It is made to cater for a wide range of preferences – one part of it is covered in white sand and the other is stony.
  • Some ten kilometres from Bar in the direction of Ulcinj, there is among the most explored beaches of Bar – Big Sands Beach. It is more than 350 metres long and situated next to the main street. It is bordered by innumerable tourist complexes, dining establishments and night clubs.

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